The songs of Violetta In Italian or in the original language download

The songs of Violetta in English: videos, lyrics and karaoke

Canzoni Di Violetta lyricsThe songs of Violetta is the most beautiful videos of Martina Stoessel, star of the hugely popular television series of Disney Violetta. In Italian (canzoni di violetta) or in the original language, here are texts and words for karaoke.

She has become more popular than the Pan Pig and Hanna Montana put together and Martina Stoessel. The young actress who plays it, is now contending the scepter of the most loved by teenage girls on the planet to Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. It is Violetta, the Argentine film produced by Disney that in Italy, as in the rest of the world, is conquering thousands of boys and girls pasting to the television.

In the panorama of the children’s songs Violetta is really depopulated. After two seasons of 80 bets the one always seguitissime and in the spasmodic wait for the third series that will arrive in Italy in 2014. Martina aka Violetta is just these days turning Italy with his tour that is having a huge success of public : Rome, Naples, Catania, Padua, Florence and Turin were or will be at the show’s Short theatre. But if you could not find the expensive tickets or you can not reach one of these cities, here for you a-lean-consolation: The most beautiful videos of violet available on Youtube. All together!

Original Violet Songs

Argentina of Buenos Aires, Martina Stoessel, daughter of Art, sings of course in her native language. Here are some of his most famous tracks starting, of course, by the super-hit En mi mundo.

The songs of Violetta in English

Martina with the help of Lodovica Comello, Italian of San Daniele del Friuli who plays in the serial Francesca, also sang some of his songs in our language. Including one of those that are part of the soundtrack of the last feature film Disney Frozen.

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